Neural Net Meltdown

by Cerebric Turmoil



released November 13, 2015

Chris Reese - vocals
Marte Auer - guitars
Fux - bass (on track 2,7,9 & 10)
Jacob Schmidt - session bass (on track 3,5,6 & 8)
Marcus Klemm - drums

Drums and vocals recorded at Soundforge Studios Berlin by Jacob Schmidt
Guitar sound engineered at FountainheadHQ by Tom "Fountainhead" Geldschlaäger
Guest vocals and crewshouts recorded by Fux
Mixed by Jacob Schmidt
Mastered by Peter "Pluto" Neuber
Cover art & layout by Phlegeton

Released through Amputated Vein Records (AVR 064)



all rights reserved


Cerebric Turmoil Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Twitching Eye Staccato
demise, pulsing the rush of depravity
secret knowledge soon to be lost
breath the ominous mental cyanide
and the void will consume your despair

frozen in the gaze of the all seeing eye

my time has come to rival deception
cancerous they breed, a world of lies surrounds me
falling from sane, they came to tear my eyes

human failures induce human failures
circulations installations of panic
neural net meltdown

tyranny and greed, rendering deceit, I feed on your treachery
within my grain a stinging thought obsolete

rise now suspicion
coincidence accumulates
leadership of error prevails since the dawn of men
false doctrines fed to the masses
now see through deception
conspiracy concealed to sheeple dreamers
too evident to be untrue

enter now the unknown, flesh the weakest link of all
praise the name of the flame burning in our skull
praised be the name
Track Name: Secluded Out Of Touch By Avoiding Mankind
in mutual sanity the soul is split in two
suffered by a tragic knowledge they seem to know
mental disorder electrified
humans branch off your behaviour

1 2 3 forget your social existence
one two three forget
eerie soul brisance
no human gets to rest

law of inner disenchantment
this restless disengagement
of human beings apart from the frolic
my contacts hesitate
my finger is pointing at you
foemen prepare to strike
they came to claim their right

the messiah of the disgusted
and my idiocy often better

coming to save, no need to interrupt this process
storming to incist on our lack, to insist on dreams

he is now secluded out of touch by avoiding mankind
impact on the selfless privacy, reckless stillborn lunacy

sorrow and cruelty implied in the covenant
mankind will recollect what he never remembered
disloyalty and infamy disband the covenant
mankind will recollect what he never remembered

these cruel words tend to wake great thoughts

mankind will recollect that they will remember
filthy writings will rise to pass by
rebels shall pass the bindings of who care for us
Track Name: Discordian Equilibrium
chaos prevails, the tyranny of senses
discordian equilibrium balanced in oblivion
bringing forth the eschaton

confusional meta-deity rooted in obscurity
subconscious trigger sequence maddening

the law of five awaken once more

fnord cluster undisputed placed upon man
shrouded in mass hypnosis spreading

incite the fear and strangle the will
guerrilla currents surfacing
doctrine antilogy revealed in madness

slowling morphing into one

denying the melting dogma of linearity
grand and gory, old discordia
surreal metaphor spoken, not heard
Track Name: Grotesque Dreaming
infected by a virus
close to demise
within barriers of sleep
the terror unfolds

bound to a bed as your thoughts start to cease
body far from convalescence
suddenly perishing screams reach your dreams
your heartbeat is getting faster

fear of the unknown - altered reality
curiosity, closing in, take my hand

behind closed eyes, a world, a second life
if it's just a dream, what does it mean?
your body is twitching and cold
your breath is getting hectic and loud

behind closed eyes, you recognize
within it becomes real, this morbid realm

grotesque dreaming

you keep on floating - deeper just soon - to find yourself alone
subliminal labyrinth, increasing anxiousness, but there's no place to hide

blinded by fear you fight this current
is that retribution?

the stench of human debris
heap of subconscious sediments
visions of inner carnage

sudden step towards death
this mortal coil reject
watch them medicate your cooling corpse
covered in tubes

at once you reach critical state again
prescious life returns, sleeping fitfully
repeated electric shocks
forcing life back to it's twitching shell

silence sets in, caressing fear
as you realize the end is near
Track Name: Soul Famine
come drench the silence in soul famine
spinning currents maelstrom, anticipate

downward spiral, lured into false temptations
damaged senses process blurry effigies
spastic redirection unstructured

the burden once placed upon innocence
consequence pending, align with the wretched
to forever lie dead

plagued with shame, the doom of cowards
forced into stalemate, forevermore
caress no more, only suffering
nebulizing framework misleading
shrouded in reckoning

sensational holocaust
inner conviction leaves fallow land
cripled and spineless
life tollerates no failure


illusion of eternity
starvation, epidemic, increased mortality

cleansed away, demonized
reckoning, hammer down the hideous

self awareness fades, sympathetic poverty
drown in solitude, abandoned by all
purged into nothingness
forgiveness denied, recreant

morphing into worthless decrease
entwined by treason
vulnerable to input disburdening
displeasing vanity of distraction

become the void of this soul famine
between fortune and reckless ways
Track Name: Bitstorm
distributed gibsons
terrorize authorities, anonymous harassment
pushed close to disruption
scourge of deprecation, like-minded ally

faceless opaque body
legacy will keep alive
what you've forgotten
initiated, then realize

we are many, expect us

counter strike impending
shrouded within clouds
tracking the disguised

fog of bits covering
recursive directions
worthless counter measures

lies encage reality
lies breed wrath

severed security
shattered as invoked
nerve endings disrupted
social graph compromised

nodes ripped from meaning
semantic veil shattered
fleshless labyrinth
bitstorm dissolving
Track Name: Tangled In Trial And Error Scenarios
Fragile digital thumbnail.
Modified gravity biopsy.
Alter structures.
Bore hole hemisphere.
Empty disorder.
Now I disappear.
Forging flesh circuit boards.
Shapeless digital thumbnail.
Mistaken modern faulter.
Modified gravity.
Shapeless and digital through the mist a light is flickering.
Borderline personality disorder structure.
Bore hole structures.
Now I disappear
Modified fragile digital thumbnail.
Track Name: Vile Effect Momentum
dispatch the query, flagrancy unseen before
destructive algorithms send relational numbers

binary seduction, infrastructure for muting disputants
smart matching, they shall hit the ground

human body domino
unmatched cynism arise

faceless anihillation
summary execution via tcp-ip
surrender under the supreme
death without encounter
results they come severe

recievers of the deadly query
embedded within cerebric
poisoned moribund turmoil
pushed off the mortal coil

cleansing bot automatism
death marches like wind through rye
fingers twitching near the button
rendered into autocracy

heading towards exitus
arguments invalid
mechanical threat undisputed

this rancid dissolution so inhuman
we shall harvest the grapes of wrath
caught in the claws of few