PROMO 2011

by Cerebric Turmoil




Cerebric Turmoil was formed in 2006 by Martin Bahre (guitar), Marcus Klemm (drums), Jacob Schmidt (bass – also Defeated Sanity) and Felix Kögler (vocals), with the intention to play some twisted and brutal death metal influenced by mathcore, funky and jazzy stuff. After the recording of their “turn of oppression” demo, the band started playing shows with Moritz Bossmann (from UNSOUL) as session guitarist.

A short time later C.T. had to quit for a while, because Marcus suffered from an injury on his left wrist. In the beginning of 2007 the band turned back and played some awesome shows again. Also, they found Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger (also Purpose Effect, The Living, The Fractured Dimension, …) who finally filled the second guitar slot. With this line-up the band recorded a promotional CD in late 2007, which was released in 2008 as a Split-EP with Defeated Sanity.

Due to some problems C.T. split up in the middle of 2008 and Jacob became a full-time member of Defeated Sanity, while Felix joined the Berlin based death metal/hardcore band Fat Mans War Face. Tom went on with his other projects and Martin joined the Berlin slam death/hardcore band OPS.

In the end of 2009 Marcus and Martin decided to reform C.T. and started to write new songs. The next step was to find musicians to bring the madness on stage again. With Fux (ex- Orth, Cyness, Bonestorm, Nuclear Tribunal, …) they found a replacement for Jacob on bass and the second guitar slot has been filled by Marte “McFly” Auer (also Johnston). The vocal part was taken by Priscila (ex- Sinners Bleed, Arise) and C.T. was back on stage in 2010.
As Pris decided to move to Norway, Nikolas Voynich (also Requital) replaced her on the vocals.

2011 Cerebric Turmoil was signed by Amputated Vein Records, a brutal death metal label from Japan, and is currently working on their first full lendth CD.

C.T. shared the stage with bands such as: Hate Eternal, Defeated Sanity, Obituary, Prostitute Disfigurement, Amputated, Desecration, Fleshgore, Gadget, Sanatorium, Hate, Grind Inc., Mental Horror, Fleshless, Prejudice, Extreme Noise Terror, Sinners Bleed, Centaurus A, Harmony Dies, Natron, War From A Harlots Mouth, Hypnos and many more…


released 30 August 2011

Nikolas Voynich - Vocals
Martin Bahre - Guitar
Marte McFly - Guitar
Fux - Bass
Marcus Klemm - Drums



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Track Name: Neural Net Meltdown

demise, pulsing - the rush of depravity
secret knowledge soon to be lost
breath the ominous mental cyanide
and the void will consume all despair

frozen in the gaze of the all seeing eye

my time - has come - to rival - deception
cancerous they breed, a world of lies surrounds me
falling from sane, they came to tear my eyes

human failures induce human failures
circulations - installations of panic
neural net meltdown

tyranny and greed, rendering deceit, I feed on your treachery
within my grain a stinging thought - obsolete


rise - now - suspicion
coincidence accumulates
- leadership of error prevails since the dawn of men -
false - doctrines - fed to the masses
now look through deception
- conspiracy concealed to shepple dreamers -
- too evident to be untrue -

enter now the unknown, flesh the weakest link of all
praise the name of the flame burning in our skull
praised be the name
Track Name: Soul Famine

come drench the silence in soul famine
spinning currents maelstrom, anticipate

downward spiral, lured into false temptations
damaged senses process blurry effigies
spastic redirection unstructured

the burden once placed upon innocence
consequence pending, align with the wretched
to forever ly dead

plagued with shame, the doom of cowards
forced into stalemate,
caress no more, only suffering
nebulizing framework misleading
shrouded in reckoning

sensational holocaust
inner conviction leaves fallow land
encripled and spineless
life tollerates no failure

- illusion of eternity -
- starvation, epidemic, increased mortality -
cleansed away - demonized
reckoning - hammer down the hideous
- self awareness fades, sympathetic poverty -
- drown in solitude, abandoned by all -
purged into nothingness
forgiveness denied - recreant

morphing into worthless decrease
entwined by treason
vulnerable to input disburdening
displeasing vanity of distraction


become the void of this soul famine
between fortune and reckless ways
Track Name: Vile Effect Momentum

"the machine produces the effect it was designed for." - Illuminatus

dispatch the query, flagrancy unseen before
destructive algorithms send relational numbers

binary seduction - infrastructure for muting disputants
smart matching - they shall hit the ground

human body domino
ungraceful - unmatched cynism arise

faceless anihillation
summary execution via tcp-ip
surrender under the supreme

recievers of the deadly query
embedded within cerebric
poisoned moribund turmoil
pushed off the mortal coil

cleansing bot automatism
death marches like wind through rye
fingers twitching near the button
rendered into autocracy

heading towards exitus
arguments invalid
mechanical threat undisputed

this rancid dissolution so inhuman
the seed was planted and we shall harvest the grapes of wrath
caught in the claws of few
this vile effect momentum